The Chasm Between Parallel Universes

There are, metaphorically speaking, two worlds between which those affected by impulse disorders seem to travel -- one in which everything seems normal and one in which chaos and confusion reign. It is a disturbing Jekyll and Hyde existence. A person may seem perfectly normal and pleasant one minute and be suddenly and unaccountably transported to a place of opposition, emotional turmoil and struggle. Impulsive behaviors, rage attacks, or complete distraction isolate him/her from the known world. Severe damage can be done to relationships as friends and family may have extreme difficulty grasping the irrationality of this transition. It is not rational or logical; it is biological. As I’ve often said, “What makes sense about all of this is that it doesn’t make any sense at all.” 
The Parallel Universes of this paradigm never meet. By definition, parallel lines go on into infinity and never come together. That does not mean, though, that we can't be aware of both universes simultaneously. In fact, we must recognize that they both do exist, that they exist at the same time and that they do have an effect on each other. Understanding the nature of Parallel Universes is crucial to establishing mental health. Once we accept the inevitability of such episodes and see the parallelness of these opposing states of being, we can then focus on the chasm between them and the transportation mechanisms. Eventually, we need to construct a relationship between the universes -- to bridge the chasm. 

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