Numbered 312.34 in the DSM-IV, it is considered one of the five classic impulse disorders as defined by the AMA. This disorder is characterized by sudden and explosive outbursts that can be accompanied by destruction of property or aggressiveness toward others. Such behavior is out of proportion to any actual precipitating event. For more details see:   
The difficulty with this diagnosis is that the explosive nature of outbursts, meltdowns or rages associated with other neuro-biological disorders in and of themselves could easily qualify as IED. I'm of the opinion that electro-chemical brain glitches generate all sorts of unpredictable, illogical and senseless thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Again, the issue of co-morbidity arises with respect to this particular disorder. While it may indeed qualify as a specific disorder, clearly its basic tenets are readily recognizable in the various disorders attended to on this site.  
Clearly any sudden, inexplicable intensely emotional outburst and the concomitant change in behavior is cause for alarm, especially when any precipitating event appears benign. Such meltdowns can easily, and often do, terrorize those who witness the explosion. While there is some debate about IED being a particular disorder, there is no doubt that such emotional upheaval is common to many neuro-biological disorders.

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