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Over the past year and a half, Garry has curtailed his travels and presentations in order to concentrate on writing a book, tentatively entitled: Student Mental Health For Educators. The book, written especially with educators and parents in mind, is also beneficial to clinical personnel as well. The book discusses several of the more prominent child and adolescent mental heath conditions such as ADHD, OCD, Early Onset BiPolar Disorder and Tourette Syndrome among others. It also addresses numerous underlying themes such as impulsivity and comorbidity that are inherent in these conditions. The book, written in Garry's own inimitable style, makes use of metaphor, analogy and allegory which provide readers with new ways of “seeing” the intricate dynamics of these conditions. The book demystifies these conditions and humanizes those children and adolescents challenged by them. Additionally, Garry has developed an all-day PowerPoint seminar presentation that coincides with the book. A more detailed description of the all-day program can be viewed on the website here:   
Beside working on his book and developing the accompanying seminar, Garry also took time to develop an informational seminar on bullying. Rather than offer yet another “anti-bullying” program, Garry's all-day Power Point presentation provides the necessary background information that enables participants to better understand the intricate dynamics prevalent in bullying. Developed from a mental health perspective, the program incorporates, for example, the issues of youth violence and youth suicide into the presentation. For a more detailed description, please go here:


Television Show - October, 2011
Child & Adolescent Mental Health
Garry will be taping a one hour public access television program on child and adolescent mental health in early October 2011. The program will be available for viewing on-line shortly thereafter at Additional half-hour segments on specific conditions such as ADHD and BiPolar Disorder, are planned over the succeeding months.

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)- Massachusetts Chapter
Annual School Social Worker Conference
Workshop Presenter - “An Insider's Guide to the Impulsive Mind”
October 21, 2011
Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA

National Association of Social Workers (NASW) - Massachusetts Chapter
Symposium 2012 - Biannual Statewide Conference
Workshop Presenter - “Three Silly Questions and the Nature of Impulsivity”
Thursday & Friday, March 29-30, 2012
Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Executive Conference Center
1657 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701


Kearsarge Regional School District
New London, NH
Summer Institute - August 2010
Keynote Speaker & Seminar Presenter

Child & Family Services - Region 8
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Third Annual Care Givers Conference - September 2010
Keynote Speaker - Seminar Presenter - Case Consultation


View Garry's discussion about bullying on a public access television station in 2 half-hour segments. They are available for viewing on-line at: From that link go to Local Bias, the show on which Garry appeared. From Local Bias, scroll down to Garry L. Earles, LICSW, parts 1 and 2.

Listen as Garry discusses impulsive children and adolescents with Dr. Kari Miller, an educational psychologist in California, on her radio show, Special Kid School Talk. The entire one hour conversation can be listened to and downloaded here:

Please note that Garry's public access television programs are available for rebroadcast on any public access television station in the United States upon request. Please contact Greenfield (MA) Community Television at: (413) 774-4288 or via email:


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