Garry has presented seminars to thousands of professionals and parents throughout the United States. Participants have included psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals as well as regular and special educational personnel and school administrators. During the seminar Garry openly shares his personal story and imparts his extensive clinical knowledge, based in on-going research and his clinical experience with clients. He has an uncanny ability to see the larger clinical picture, to assemble the co-morbid pieces, and to provide participants with new, metaphorical ways of "seeing" exactly what's going on with people challenged by these various disorders. Here's what some of those in attendance have said about Garry and his presentations.

This workshop is one of the most excellent I have attended on this topic. Mr. Earles has made all the books I've read on this topic become crystal clear. The relationship between Executive Function and the Limbic System and how to make appropriate interventions for kids is now so much clearer in my mind. This will impact my practice! Great Job! Thanks!
Debra G., L.M.H.C., Des Moines, IA
You made things clear and understandable. Educating clients and colleagues alike by sharing the information has helped tremendously. Excellent presenter! Thank you.
Angela J., L.P.C., Provo, UT
Excellent, simple, useful presentation of interface between neurological and interpersonal. Excellent discussion of diagnosis.
James B., Jr., M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Bangor, ME
Best training I've been to in 3 years. Great examples. You made a large amount of information easy to understand.
Jessica S., B.S.W., Portland, ME
We LOVED your seminar and are really trying to apply it to our lives everyday. Thanks again for all of your help, we can't wait until you come back to St. Louis for another seminar! We thought you did a great job - you are a wonderful speaker! And you have restored our hope that our son won't be dependent on us forever - for that, I'm eternally grateful!
Dana & Mark F., Parents, St. Louis, MO
Very informative, helpful. Speaker is compassionate, realistic. Presented in a way that held my interest; practical and helped me see what it's like for the individual who has ADHD.
Mary S., M.S. Psychiatric Nurse, Raleigh, NC
Outstanding presenter. Very knowledgeable. Great sense of humor. Effectively used research studies to compliment his presentation.
Ruth R., L.P.C., Learning Disabilities Specialist, Edison, NJ
The presentation was great - amazingly helpful & validating. Can't tell you how much this will help with kids I have in treatment and educating them and their families.
Robin B., M.A., Allentown, PA
Every teacher, educator, or person working with children should be exposed to this information. So informative & helpful.
Lisa K., B.S.N., Psychiatric Nurse, South Bend, IN
Your information at the conference and over the phone regarding my 6 year old son has been invaluable to me. I was feeling pretty helpless and frustrated with everything. Thanks again.
Toni D., Parent, Little Rock, AR
Please note the following designations for those in attendance:
B.A./B.S. - Designates a Bachelor's Degree
Education - Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree or an M.Ed.
Usually states now require specific certification in a certain area,
such as Guidance Counseling, Adjustment Counselor, Reading, etc
Mental Health Professionals - Master's Degree Required:
L.M.H.C. - Licensed Mental Health Counselor
L.P.C. - Licensed Professional; Counselor
L.M.F.T. - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Various designations/certifications with either a B.S. or M.S. in Nursing
M.A. or Ph.D. - Such as in Clinical, Counseling or School Psychology
Social Workers:
B.S.W. - Bachelor's Degree in Social Work
M.S.W. - Master's Degree in Social Work
L.C.S.W./L.I.C.S.W. - Licensed/Independent Clinical Social Worker
Other: SLP - Speech & Language Pathologist; OT - Occupational Therapist

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